Celebrities criticize Bolsonaro’s lack of control in the Globo debate


The famous used social networks to comment on the lack of control of the candidate for reelection Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the debate promoted by Globo, on the night of this Thursday (29). He and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva opened a direct duel and the mediator William Bonner had to ask the candidates to respect the opponent’s speaking time and for the president to stop shouting off the microphone.

Former BBB Ana Paula Renault is one of the celebrities who commented on Twitter about the performance of Lula and Bolsonaro. “Lula massacring!!! He threw corruption into the wheel in the purchase of vaccines, the ‘family’ crack, the real estate in cash. Bolsonaro out of control.”

“Bonner having to call Bolsonaro’s attention like a teacher trying to put order in the 5th grade B. Bolsonaro completely out of control! It’s a shame”, added Ana Paula.

Youtuber and influencer Felipe Neto was another famous person who called Bolsonaro out of control. “Bolsonaro is out of his mind. Completely out of control, totally out of control, screaming and drooling. It’s a shame.”

Actress and screenwriter Maria Bopp used Twitter to ask for verification of information said by candidates. “Bolsonaro all nervous. Go on him and he’s shaking!”, she tweeted. “What a shame! Bolsonaro totally out of control,” she tweeted.

A critic of the Bolsonaro government, actor Armando Babaioff also spoke of the current president’s performance in the debate. “How is that president of the republic?” he questioned.

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