Gil do Vigor reveals troubles in the US and says he cried for lack of couscous

Gil do Vigor reveals troubles in the US and says he cried for lack of couscous

The most famous economist in Brazil, Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, 30, was participating, one of these days, in a party in the United States, where he moved after being approved for the long-awaited PhD in economics. However, communication turned out to be a little difficult for him.

Giddy as Brazilians already know, Gil, at one point, got excited and, to make friends, started saying “I like you” to many men in the club. But the phrase, in English, has a different weight than what is understood on Brazilian soil, and Gil ended up having to deal with one of his main troubles in the country.

“I said that to everyone and then I saw the guys scared of me. When I realized, everyone in the club was thinking I was in love with them. I went from person to person to explain that it wasn’t passion, it was friendship, I wasn’t flirting . But if they wanted I was on the track”, he jokes.

This is just one of the moments that were experienced by the ex-BBB on American soil. Starting this Thursday (9), many others can be followed in five chapters on Globoplay. This is the documentary “Gil in California”, which will show the change in life he went through since the reality show until arriving at the University of California, in Davis.

According to Patricia Cupello, the project’s director, what the public will be able to see is the story of a Brazilian who fought, persevered and won in life. In this way, it will serve as an inspiration to many people. “There are four pillars that support and bring reflections to the narrative: family, education, religion and sexuality. It is a dive into the essence of this poor, northeastern boy who was saved by his family and education”, he explains.

The series has an intimate documentary capture that shows the routine and destinations that Gil travels in the north of the state of California. The landscapes and encounters with people who live in the region arouse personal reflections on the economist. Based on these experiences, he deals with themes that are part of his personality, such as freedom and origins.

“At the BBB, I often couldn’t open up, I worried about people seeing me as a victim or poor guy. But when I arrive in the US and see difficulties I never imagined, it leaves me in shock. Viewers will see me encountering fears and challenges that I didn’t even know they existed,” adds Gil.

California is a place known for its diversity and freedom. Therefore, the economist says that he felt very good there and that walking around the area made him even more certain of his understanding as a person.

The city of San Francisco is known as one of the cornerstones of the struggle for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ population. “I’m used to having to explain everything and there is no explanation there. We can do whatever we want. This brought me freedom. Being free and not being afraid of being who I am is incredible,” he adds.

But Gil didn’t just have good things with the Americans. He says that at first he was not so well received by some PhD colleagues. When some came across him, a self-confident foreigner with millions of followers, “who dances to the ground” and full of cameras all around, there was distrust. But little by little he started to make friends.

“There was a question of breaking barriers. I make it clear that I’m like everyone else. There’s no better or worse, but until they understood it was complicated. In recent months I’ve already opened up, I made contact with the neighbors. I just had to pay them cachaça”, have fun.

Over time, Gil wanted to bring to Brazil, and especially to his native Recife, everything he saw abroad. But, although everything was moving in the right direction, he reveals that he missed the human warmth he feels in Brazil and, of course, Brazilian food.

“I actually cried because I didn’t have couscous,” he recalls. “Across Brazil, you walk on the street, gossip, eat at people’s homes, make muvuca. I missed that welcome. I left home in the US and didn’t see anyone at the doors, on the balconies. In Recife, it seems that people want to live together, and there nobody gets in anybody’s life.”


Gil do Vigor likes to say that if it wasn’t for Big Brother Brasil 21 (Globo) he wouldn’t have achieved anything, he would still have his name dirty in the square and sad in the corners. Between 2019 and 2020, he recalls that he was depressed and that he didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed to go to college. On one of the days when he felt braver leaving the house, he picked up Covid-19. He and his mother, Mrs. Jacira.

That moment gave Gil even more anguish. Parallel to this, he was already trying to get into the 2020 edition of the BBB, but he wasn’t called for the interview. He also failed the PhD test. With no prospects, he began to consider himself less interesting than other people and to doubt his fate.

“But I took strength from bad situations and they gave me a boost. I took courage even in my sadness and defined that 2021 would be my year. It was based on anger and indignation. It was then that everything changed. God gave me much more than I asked for” , reveals.

And indeed, 2021 was Gil’s year. Rich, famous and full of invitations to parties and events, he says he still can’t believe the turn his life has taken in a matter of months. “It doesn’t even feel like it’s real. I’ll never get used to the fame, it’s been 30 years in the same lifestyle and those months don’t seem palpable, it feels like a miracle from God.”

According to him, part of the money earned so far he wants to use it to travel and meet the people. The idea is to travel through the poorest corners of Brazil to try to help people with their visibility and influence. In addition to the Pernambuco hinterland, the economist says he intends to go to indigenous villages and Manaus.

And although he says he never wants to stop working as an economist, he reveals that he has more desires related to fame. One of them is to record a classical album even if it is “only for 1,000 people to listen to”.

“I don’t want to become a singer, but I’m taking a singing course online. I want people to have me in 100 years, remember me because of the CD. I ended up setting new goals in my head and this is one of them”, he explains.

But he wants more: “I want to do a drama movie and a soap opera where I die at the end. And I’m going to make those dreams come true. Next vacation I’m going to take short acting courses in New York. Oh, and I want to skydive too.” craves.


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