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Glycanisos: Tonight at 21.00, on SKAI – Hector comes into conflict with Philip – Watch the trailer


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Don’t miss the shocking developments of the series

Shocking developments in the new episode of Glykaniso tonight on SKAI.

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See the excerpt

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Shock awaits Nikitas (F. Karalis), as he fishes for a… corpse. At the Demiris mansion, Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) talks to Hermione (T. Trypi) about the “ravasaki” and insists that it was just a thank you. And while Angelos (V. Athanasopoulos) and Margarita (T. Vostanzoglou) are in the department to identify the deceased, the passport found on the deceased turns out to be that of the refugee Abdul. Nothing stops Menelaus (K. Apostolakis), who visits Philip (K. Koklas) determinedly, showing photos of Hector (A. Stamatakis) with another woman. And while all this is happening, Efstratiou (H. Asimakopoulos) calls Thanasis (A. Kontopoulos) for a private discussion and tells him that if he goes for investigations again, disobeying his orders, he will transfer him to the traffic police. At the same time, Stratis waits in vain for Razan (E. Pieridou), while some are determined to shut the mouths of Abdul’s killers by stabbing them.





Razan (E. Pieridou) returns to the accommodation. She returns sulkingly to Fatima (E. Sofroniadou) and tells her that she was with Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) and that she asked him not to bother her again. In the cloudy and rainy night landscape, Stratis’ car is just before the cliff. Back at the lodge, as Razan combs her hair, she doesn’t notice a shadow behind her. A hand, holding a revolver, rises to shoot Razan. At the same time, Aliki (M. Marnelis) tells Raphael (A. Giannakos) that she was waiting for him last night and he excuses himself. He suspects that Alice has some “connection” in Athens. While at Chrysanthi’s Tavern, Billy (K. Moutaftsis) vulgarly harasses Razan once again, Chrysanthi (A. Alexopoulou) decides to fire her. Haris (T. Karlis), however, will go to the police station to report the harassment. What will Stratis do once he finds out about Billy’s harassment of Razan?


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