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The zodiac signs today, Monday, October 3


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Planetary influences today will soon bring changes to the work environment. Try to advance your career plans and social rise. Emotionally things are better and optimism will soon return to your heart. Take advantage of today’s favor and speed up your financial affairs

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Today you will be able to close a topic that has been bothering you for some time now and take a deep breath. Finally you can focus your attention on new actions. Don’t confuse feelings of friendship with your love and relationship. The stars advise you to be bold and claim what you desire

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The stars today will bring obstacles and delays in the professional and emotional fields. Keep your temper and don’t escalate things with arguments. The partners at work are becoming quite demanding and peculiar today. Be patient and don’t escalate the situation. Towards evening the pressure you will feel will be somewhat excessive.


Arguments or differences of opinion will arise today. Do not be negatively influenced by third parties and do not become argumentative with your partners. There is no reason to doubt, as some things will become clear today and it will be shown that you have made significant mistakes in the recent past, which you will have to admit and confess, although it does not please you at all …


If you’re not happy with your work, find ways to make it more interesting or more productive. If you feel that your relationship is not moving forward, discuss it with your partner. Addiction, however, is the topic of the day for you. Stay away from anything that can be addictive, so you don’t face problems in the long run.


An intense feeling of jealousy overwhelms you and won’t let you rest. Maybe what you sense is happening is a figment of your imagination and you are suffering unjustly. You need to escape from the endless thoughts that do not let you find peace. Try something new that could distract you and help you find your balance.


You are quite sensitive and aware of problems concerning your family members or loved ones. Give them your support and love. Also, if you have recently started an emotional relationship, you may feel an intense insecurity about your man and his true intentions…


Your creativity seems to be temporarily lost and your self-confidence is low. Believe in yourself and your abilities to move forward. Your impatience can cause major problems in your work. Be patient and persevere and time will reward you.


You feel that you emit a special aura that magnetizes those around you. Enjoy your day with boosted self-confidence and a positive mood. A little care is needed in your work area as there are backstabbing and some upheavals. Put aside your plans for today and move conservatively.


You should not take anyone or anything in your life for granted. As the big and important things approach, invest in your personal relationships, since the supports in life are not too much for you… The climate is electrified, whether in the family environment or in the work environment. If you let go and express yourself freely, the damage to your relationships that you cause will be significant. So be careful and diplomacy is required…


You are floundering in your career because you do not have a clear view of the direction you should take. Put your thoughts in order and organize your actions to be effective. If you also feel bad because you hurt someone unintentionally, all you have to do is apologize and try to close the matter so that it stops bothering you.


The worst is over and you can face the sun again after a difficult period. You’ve made the right decisions about your next moves and can now move forward. However, there is a strong risk of falling in love once again with the wrong person for you. You will finally have to mature and set new criteria for your would-be love partners.

By Alinda Kanaki

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