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Google Doodle: Dedicated to German Unity Day


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On this day in 1990, the unification treaty of East and West Germany came into force

With today’s Doodle, Google is celebrating German Unity Day, which marks the day East and West Germany were reunited.

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After World War II, Germany was divided into eastern and western sectors by the occupying powers. After the German Democratic Republic was founded in 1949, the government built the Berlin Wall in 1961 and closed all borders to prevent its population from fleeing the country. When the GDR reopened its borders to travel—after months of peaceful civil protest in 1989—the Germans began tearing down the structure until there was no wall.

Almost a year later, a unification treaty was signed and entered into force as of today in 1990. As a result, German Reunification sparked nationwide celebrations and ended the period of protests.

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In fact, many gatherings are taking place in Germany today to celebrate this anniversary.

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