Cara Delevingne gets into trouble in Argentina and photographer is attacked


Actresses Cara Delevingne, 30, and Margot Robbie, 32, were involved in a brawl in Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to the website TMZ, the security that accompanied the artists is accused of assaulting a paparazzo who tried to photograph them in a restaurant.

Photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera was hospitalized after the fight. The two had dinner at dawn last Saturday (1st) to Sunday (2nd) and, when they decided to leave, as they got into an app car, they were approached by the photographer who started taking several photos.

According to the vehicle, security approached Orquera immediately. Delevingne was already in the car and Robbie was trying to get in, but he jumped when he was startled by the driver’s departure. According to the Buenos Aires Police, the photographer claimed to have been beaten up by friends of the actresses, who he believes to be the security duo.

Robbie, who stars in the live-action film “Barbie” alongside Ryan Gosling, was recently photographed crying as she left Delevingne’s home. The model and actress worried fans by appearing bewildered at an airport in the United States. After the apparition, family and friends stated that they intended to make an intervention.

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