Behati Prinsloo appears at Adam Levine’s concert after exposure of alleged betrayals

Behati Prinsloo appears at Adam Levine’s concert after exposure of alleged betrayals

A show by the band Maroon 5 in Las Vegas, United States, became a topic on the networks. All because of the first performance of Adam Levine, 43, ahead of the group after the scandal over alleged betrayals. The singer sang most of the songs looking directly at his wife, Behati Prinsloo, 34, pregnant with the couple’s third child, who was in the audience with friends.

According to the newspaper The Sun, Levine appeared to “pay more attention to the woman than the audience”. Before, the two did not let go of the backstage performance at the MGM Grand Arena, which was held as part of the benefit organized by former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, according to the same report.

Levine had already commented on the accusations of cheating on his wife. “I used bad judgment when talking to anyone other than my wife in any kind of flirtation,” she said. “I didn’t have an affair, however, I crossed the line during an unfortunate period of my life. At times it became inappropriate.”

The scandal began when the singer denied having cheated on his wife for a year with model Sumner Stroh, 21. Adam Levine admitted that he talked to Stroh, but said the two never came to blows. Then, two other women posted messages on social media saying they received flirting messages from the singer.

A woman named Alyson Rosef posted a screenshot of messages exchanged with the Maroon 5 frontman on TikTok and then deleted it. She said she has a lot more messages but decided not to share them because they are not appropriate and she didn’t feel comfortable posting them all.

Another woman, comedian Maryka, shared in Instagram stories alleged messages from the singer and added the hashtag “expose Adam Levine”. One of the directs she attributes to the artist reads: “Now I’m obsessed with you”. She replied back, “Dude, aren’t you married?”

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