Photographer breaks arm after being beaten by Cara Delevingne’s friends; watch video


Actresses Cara Delevingne, 30, and Margot Robbie, 32, will have to provide clarification to the police, according to The Sun, after being involved in a brawl in Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to the tabloid, British filmmakers and friends of both Josey McNamara and Jack Hopkins are accused of assaulting a paparazzi who tried to photograph the artists as they left a restaurant.

The TMZ website also published a video of the moment when photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera is chased and pushed, causing one of his arms to break. He lands next to a car after a man apparently kicks him to the ground (see below).

Orquera was hospitalized after the fight. The two had dinner at dawn last Saturday (1st) to Sunday (2nd) and, when they decided to leave, as they got into an app car, they were approached by the professional who started taking several photos.

Delevingne was already in the car and Robbie was trying to get in, but he jumped when he was startled by the driver’s departure. According to the Buenos Aires Police, the photographer claimed to have been beaten by friends of the actresses, who he believed to be the security duo.

In an interview with The Sun, the photographer described the incident as a “brutal and cowardly attack”. “They tried to take my camera to erase the pictures I had taken. I started to run away from them because they were hitting me. Meanwhile, they kicked me hard, so my camera went up in the air and I fell to the ground and hurt my arm. I was bleeding a lot,” he said.

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