Three basic elements of the kitchen for a calm and productive morning


Start your day right.

What if we told you that a few simple upgrades to your kitchen could transform your mornings?

A kitchen as functional and relaxing as possible means that your morning routine will be free of unnecessary stress.

Create a “breakfast cabinet” with easy access.

Having everything ready and within easy reach is the easiest way to cut down on the time you spend preparing breakfast each morning. Even better, a well-organized breakfast cupboard will help you follow a more balanced diet.

A breakfast cupboard can include a coffee machine, your capsules, filters, mugs. There you can also store peanut butter, pralines, cookies, cookies and everything that does not need a refrigerator.

No matter how bored you wake up, you’ll know that on this shelf you’ll find everything you need to melt away that fog you have until you sip coffee or tea and eat a bite of your favorite morning snack.

Upgrade your table and chairs

Breakfast may not be the best time for long conversations but it’s still the perfect opportunity for creative brainstorming and plans you want to make for the day, the weekend, the holidays during breakfast. This becomes even more interesting if you have guests.

Make sure you have comfortable seating, perfect for long, leisurely weekend mornings, as well as for the more rushed weekdays.

Invest in an island

Islands are extremely versatile in a kitchen. It is the place in the kitchen where people can gather, prepare their food and eat. It has plenty of work space for preparation and in the end you will have to clean fewer places since the counter and table in this case are one. The stools are perfect around the islet where you can enjoy your morning coffee, enjoy your breakfast and lots of conversation.

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