After the process, Luísa Sonza says her responsibility is now to be anti-racist


Prosecuted in the case of racism, singer Luísa Sonza, 24, published an open letter of retraction on her social networks and apologized again to a black lawyer she mistook for an employee of an inn where the singer was. The artist responds in a lawsuit for moral damages and has already revealed that she will pay compensation when pleading guilty. The fact occurred in September 2018 when he asked the woman to get her a glass of water.

“I recognize that the way I addressed Ms. Isabel translated an act of reproduction of structural racism, which was by no means my intention. In this context, I publicly apologize not only to her, but to all those who have already experienced the consequences of structural racism,” reads an excerpt from the letter. It is not possible to know if the letter was an obligation of the Justice.

In a series of videos, Sonza, who canceled a tour over the case, further explains what he has learned from the whole case. “I understood that this process was not about compensation, but about the right and the despair of being heard for a situation that happens daily to people and that we do all the time without knowing what we are doing”, he begins.

“My decision from the moment I understood all this was to first resolve all issues with Isabel and also judicially. Our education, our society and our entire structure are racist. It’s not that we whites are to blame for what our ancestors did, but we have a responsibility to change this structure”, he amends.

According to the singer, from this episode she was able to study the racial issue in depth and explains that now “it is even more my responsibility to talk about it and to be a truly anti-racist person who tries not to contribute to this continuing to exist”.

In the lawsuit filed against Luísa, the lawyer reported that it was not a demerit to be employed, as she had already worked in this area. But that the issue was the label that a black person received daily. “Why does whiteness always see us in this position of servant? Why do they understand us as people who can only serve them, but never as people who can consume, live and travel like them?”, asked Isabel at the time in an interview with the website. Black News.

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