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“Affection”: Man learns to love when he himself has been loved – See excerpt from tonight’s episode


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Tonight at 21.00, the Doctor (Maria Naufliotou) receives patients whose “pain is so great that it fills the room”.

Tonight at 21.00in “affection», the Doctor (Maria Naufliotou) admits patients whose “pain is so great that it fills the room.” He tries to make them open their hearts, confess their traumatic past and share their feelings because “man learns to love when he himself has been loved”.

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Alice (Anastasia Pantousi) he desperately wants to “change the now and not the past”, Maro (Eudokia Roumeliotis) she confesses that “from a very early age she assumed responsibilities, difficult for a little girl” while John (Ioannis Papazisis) he fears that now “he has no hope”.

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The mirror

Alice, regretting her behavior towards the Doctor, has filled the office with bouquets, asking for a second chance. The Doctor, although initially hesitant, decides to accept her. Alice’s story hides a lot of loneliness and pain, and the Doctor tries to get her to open up.

In the meantime, Maro, who is feeling better and better, recounts the difficulties she went through when she was forced, still underage, to be the mother to her four younger siblings.

On the other hand, Yannis Makris appears at his appointment visibly devastated. The previous session brought back painful memories of when he was a scared and helpless child. But mostly he realized that he too was replicating similar behaviors in his son.

Finally, the Doctor receives a phone call that upsets her…

Starring: Maria Naufliotou (Doctor, Margarita Kalogeropoulou), Anastasia Pantousi (Aliki Orfanou), Evdokia Roumeliotis (Maro Manolakou), Ioannis Papazisis (Yiannis Makris), Vasiliki Troufakou (Irini Makri), Vicky Papadopoulou (Vicky Vrana), Konstantinos Lagos (Damianos Galanis) , Yolanda Balaoura (Pigi), Vassilis Milionis (Bili), Meggy Souli (Myrto)

Take part: Eleni Chalastani, Sultana Nicolaidou, Petros Gavrelas, Stefania Zora, Anna Moraitou, Katevan Tsakalidou, Phaedon Vailas, Christina Polyzoi, Iordanis Panos, Sophia Kyriou, Xanthi Georgiou, Nikos Tournakis, Michalis Ainatzoglou, Thomas Dramalis, Nikolaos Chalikos, Alkitra Manahailidis , Akyllas Michaelidis

The 3rd episode, tonight at 21.00

Directed by: Christos Georgiou
Directors: Manos Gasteratos, Irini Loukatou
Performance – Script Adaptation: Eva Pantazi
Scenario: Eva Pantazi, Yiannis Voliotis


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