A Fazenda 14: After a day of fights, the direction of the rural reality show suspends the party


Fights, shacks and confusion. After a very hot day at the headquarters of Itapecerica da Serra, the production of A Fazenda 14 decided to punish the pedestrians. This Friday’s party (14) was canceled at the last minute. The participants had even received the costumes for the night, when they were informed about the return of the clothes. Then, the external area was released and the confined realized that there was no scenario set up in the event space.

The pedestrians themselves began to speculate about the cancellation of the celebration and the reason for the “punishment”. “Imagine people today with alcohol in their heads,” noted Iran Malfitano. “We are waiting for news about the party to know what happened”, commented Deborah Albuquerque. “There will be no party”, decreed Ruivinha de Marte.

Earlier, Record’s staff confirmed the party and even released the theme: “roller disco”. “Pedestrians will enter the disco atmosphere in the fifth ballad of the season in a very playful, colorful and modern way. The scenery, with the right to a pinball table, and also the costumes will be inspired by this dancing atmosphere”, read the statement. wanted by F5, the broadcaster did not comment. It didn’t take long for fans of the show to comment on the suspension of the party on social media.

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