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‘Damares is a pervert’, says Nelson Motta


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Co-director of “Vale Tudo com Tim Maia”, work in partnership with Renato Terra, Nelson Motta walked the red carpet of the Rio Festival on Thursday night (13) for the screening of the documentary series by Globoplay. The doc shown at Cine Odeon features Tim himself narrating his version of the events that took place throughout his life.

How would he be today?, the F5 asked Motta, also the author of the “síndico” biography and perhaps the greatest expert on Tim Maia in Brazil. ‘I can’t imagine him in this politically correct world, grimace, antagonist, divided between good and evil. For sure he would be arrested for contempt of authority,” he said.

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For the director, Tim would be canceled because he spoke truths and had a devastating humor. “I keep imagining him watching the political schedule… I wanted to see what he would say about Damares and this gang.” What Tim would say about her, we don’t know (but we can imagine). Now Nelson…

He makes his opinion very clear about the former minister and senator elected by the Federal District, who during an evangelical service described alleged cases of child abuse in Pará. In a video shared by Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), she said she was aware of cases of rape of newborns, as well as 3 and 4-year-old children who would have their teeth pulled to perform oral sex and who would be forced to feed on pasty food to have the intestines free for anal sex.

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“Where did Damares get this crazy story from?”, the director is amazed. “We’re talking about one of the most horrible things in humanity, which is the rape of newborns! Whose mind can this pass?. Who is this person who believes in such a thing?. Worse: what a perverted person is this, able to make up a story like that?”.

It’s not just Damaris. For Nelson, Bolsonaristas in general and politicians linked to the current president have something in common besides an appreciation for conservative agendas. “I think these people are very perverted. They only think about that (rolls his eyes) and I keep imagining the sex life of these people. It must be a toxic or non-existent sex life because they only think about imbrochable, dick bottle, inedible…”.

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