Gabi Brandt says she became a pastor: ‘Imagine the prophecies that happen at home’


Digital influencer Gabi Brandt, 25, revealed that she became a pastor, as did her husband, singer Saulo Poncio. “We are pastors. My father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my husband and I. I’ve never said this in public,” she said.

Brandt told the news in his participation in the program Mega Password (RedeTV!), which airs this Saturday (11), at 11 pm. “Imagine the prophecies and follies that happen in that house”, she joked in the attraction led by Marcelo de Carvalho.

The ex-On Vacation with the Ex is the mother of Davi, 2, and Henri, 10 months old. On the program, she stated that she wants her children to follow the Poncio family’s religious path. “not yet [pastores], but they will be if God wills,” she says.

Recently, the Poncio family was among the most talked about issues on social media. The digital influencer Sarah Poncio had the adoption process of Josué Márcio, 2, interrupted. In a statement sent to the press this Thursday (9), the Poncio family says that the biological mother requested custody of the child.

According to the Poncio family, the decision to adopt Josué was based on the hope of rescuing a child in a situation of social vulnerability, offering a suitable home, full of love and affection.

“The entire process was supported by the law, as well as the approval and good understanding of both parties. That said, Joshua became an essential part of Sarah’s reality, he became, in fact, a son,” the statement says. .

The Poncio family says that, upon learning of the court’s decision, they found themselves in a situation that no family should experience: the irreparable loss of a child. “On first eye contact, Sarah felt connected to Joshua.”

On social networks, the influencer posted photos with the baby and said that when she found Joshua, she became a mother once more. “No matter what they say, I’ll be his mother forever. I’ve cared for him with care, nurtured him with affection, and lived his life in every cell of my body,” wrote Sarah.

Sarah says she feels lost with the loss of her child and broken inside. “My son has been taken from me! I am broken inside, as if my house has been invaded and my home, which has always given me security, has been violated.”

The influencer says that she needs to find strength for the other children who depend on her, but right now she can only pray. “Ask God to accompany my son and never forsake him. And when he needs to, I’ll be here. Because a mother, never ceases to be a mother. Our love has no distance, validity or DNA. Our love, my love, it is ceaseless, unchanging and infinite.


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