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Job Interview: What to Answer When Asked About Your Disadvantages |


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Undoubtedly, when we are called to be interviewed for a new job, we all offer our strengths, our skills and most importantly, everything that makes us the most suitable for the specific position.

However, during the interview, it is possible to ask about our shortcomings, which, however, should be presented in a positive tone, in order not to undermine our effort.

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In short, we must highlight the disadvantage in a way that does not make us less of a good professional, but rather helps to limit our negative characteristics.

Here are ten ways to successfully answer the question “what is your biggest weakness” with the help of Indeed Career Guide.

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“I focus too much on the details”
Answering that you focus too much on the details means that you make sure you do the job as best you can. However, it is possible for someone to guess that sometimes you become obsessed and are late to complete your work. To avoid the latter, you could answer the following: “My biggest weakness is that sometimes I focus too much on the details and spend a lot of time. I try to improve, giving myself the opportunity to refocus on the big picture. This way, I can ensure the quality, without having to worry so much about the details, which affects my productivity “.

“I find it difficult to leave a project”
If your weakness is that you can not leave behind a project in which you have invested a lot, and move on to something else, you should explain that in this way you are trying to minimize the mistakes, which you did not see from the beginning. However, you need to convince yourself that you can complete a project on time. How will you do it? “My biggest weakness is that sometimes I find it difficult to leave a project behind. I am the biggest judge of my work. I always find something that needs to change or improve. To help myself, I set specific deadlines on my own. This helps me not to make last minute changes “

“I do not like to say no”
If you do not know how to say “no” to a new project, a new job, etc., this can make you do many things at once. So, you need to convince yourself that you have the ability to manage your time effectively. Specifically: “My biggest weakness is that sometimes I find it difficult to say ‘no’ and end up taking on more things than I can handle. To help myself, I use a special project management application and so I know at all times how much work I have done, in how much time and for which project “.

“I become impatient when deadlines are extended”
The best way to explain this weakness is to emphasize how important it is to meet deadlines. “My biggest weakness is that I become impatient when a project gets extended. I’m stuck with deadlines and I do not feel good when a job is not completed on time. To avoid this, I have started to become more active and encourage the strengthening of my efficiency “.

“I could have more experience”
Nobody is perfect. Sharing something that you feel you need to improve shows that you are self-aware and that you like to set new challenges for yourself.

“Sometimes I’m not confident”
Lack of self-confidence is a common weakness in the workplace. But this should not affect your overall presence in a company. “In the past, I sometimes had a problem with self-confidence. It was useful to note the impact I had on my team and company, so that I could better understand my skills and talents. ”

“I find it difficult to ask for help”
Asking for help when you do not know something reflects a clear understanding of yourself as a professional and can help enhance your effectiveness. “Because I am independent, I found it difficult to ask for help when I needed it. But I learned that it is more beneficial for me and the company to ask for help when I do not understand something or when I feel exhausted from the workload.

“I find it difficult to work with specific types of people”
One of the skills that companies want from employees is teamwork. Therefore, if you have a problem with this, then you are reducing your chances of getting hired. Of course, you can “save” it by saying the following: “In the past I had a hard time working with aggressive personalities. Although I understand the importance of a team with different members, I preferred to remain silent in front of the most aggressive colleagues. To deal with this, I now spend more time with colleagues who I feel uncomfortable working with. I learn more about them and little by little I can and communicate better with them “.

“I find it difficult to find the right balance between work and personal life”
Achieving balance is important to staying motivated in your job, although absolute commitment to a job may be seen as positive by management. “Because I really love my job and I have ambitious goals, it is difficult to maintain a healthy balance. But I see the negative impact on my motivation and attention when I ignore my personal life. So I try to steal time to volunteer or spend time with my family. This helps me to improve my work performance “.

“I do not like working under uncertainty”
If you do not like working under indefinite terms and deadlines, then you should explain the following: “In my previous job, my boss gave me specific instructions for my duties. Because I’m used to it, I’m uncomfortable when there ‘s uncertainty. In order to deal with it, I have created a personal time frame, in which I set specific goals “.

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