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Adriana Paraskevopoulou: Just one day my marriage ended – I’m ready for new adventures


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Regarding the absence of her children from the house, the journalist stated that their house is empty and that the first evenings she thought she heard them

The favorite presenter of the ERT news bulletin, Adriana Paraskevopoulouin a recent interview she talked about her children, about her separation from her husband, Nikos Boudouris, and whether she is ready to take the next step in her life.

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“This summer I said: “Let’s see what happens from here on, how we’re going to do this project.” Many things when they happen in our life, it takes a year to adapt, to choose where you want to go. I am neither a person who lets situations take me nor do I wish for such a thing for myself,” said the presenter, who was a guest on the “Studio 4” show, on ERT.

The presenter pointed out that what she missed most, especially after her breakup, was the feeling of being carefree and carefree. “The next few days are about choice, how you want to walk, what you prioritize in your life. I did occupational therapy, I think it is clear and obvious. Then you say I put a lot of burdens on my shoulders and continued to carry them out of acquired speed. And you say I want a little carefree, a little carelessness. I missed carelessness a lot and that’s why it’s something I’m looking for now,” said the beloved presenter.

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Regarding the fact that she continues to have very good relations with her ex-husband, Adriana Paraskevopoulou said: “Family is the bond that is forever and is based on love, respect and appreciation, it is the beginning and the end. Just one day a marriage ended and a family continues to this day. I’m ready for new friends… Companionship is a great value in life,” she added.

Regarding the absence of her children from home, the journalist stated that their home is empty. “It’s a shock that they left. The first nights my children left I thought I could hear them. All the years you sleep with anxiety if they are okay, if they came home, if they went out a little more. You have a mind not to sleep, to talk to the child when he comes back. I think they are returning from an exit and not coming back. There is nothing liberating about it. I need some time to adjust. I’m not very good at changes.”

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