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Anitta thanks fans after winning three categories of the Multishow Award


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Anitta used social networks this Wednesday (19) to thank fans for winning three categories of the 2022 Multishow Award. I don’t feel like leaving the house.

“I woke up knowing that we are full of awards. I want to say that I am very happy, you are the most important things in my life”, said the singer who won the Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Video of the Year TVZ categories.

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The artist explained that she cannot participate in the awards, but had the idea of ​​sending fans instead. According to her, there were more fans at the Multishow Award if she won any other category. “I couldn’t be there, but I hope you enjoyed the idea of ​​taking fans to collect the awards,” she said.

Anitta said that she won enough awards to be super happy, but if she hadn’t won any category, she would be happy just the same. “I have the greatest gratitude in the world to have fans like you. Thank you to everyone who supports and cheers for me. I love you guys so much, we will meet very soon”, she said.

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On the networks, fans expressed concern about the singer who appeared with a bandage on one of her hands. “It’s sick. Why don’t you open the game?”, asked an internet user. Another fan expressed concern about the bandage: “Love, what is that in your hand? We love you so much, okay?”

“Old man you’re not well, it’s so obvious… I’ve never worried as much as I do now”, commented a fan. “Truth since the end [do namoro] that she disappeared, I am afraid that the depressive condition has returned. Looks good Anitta”, tweeted another user of the social network.

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