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When Geena Davis “cut off” Jack Nicholson with a remark from… Dustin Hoffman


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The actress made the most of Hoffman’s line that he revealed to her when they were co-stars in “Tucci”

The… time to Jack Nicholson cut a knife n Geena Davis when he decided to flirt with her out of nowhere. The actress made the most of his speech Dustin Hoffman who revealed it to her when they were co-stars in “Tucci”

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The Oscar-winning actress, who co-starred with Hoffman in the 1982 film Tucci, revealed to The New Yorker that working with the charismatic star taught her not only to “read a lot of books,” but also an excellent (from result) technique to fend off the flirting of hot-blooded Hollywood stars.

In particular, he had told her that if a suitor began to besiege her closely and she wanted to discourage him, she could use the line: “Look, you’re very charming, and I’d love to, but it would destroy the sexual tension between us.” ».

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Geena Davis didn’t forget that line and, as it turned out, it came in handy when she attracted the love interest of another Hollywood legend, known as a woman, the “very” Jack Nicholson.

Davis, who began her career as a Victoria’s Secret model in New York City while pursuing her dream of acting, was at the start of a promising career after starring in “Tucci.” Shortly after the film premiered, her agent took her with other models and actors to meet some casting agents.

The actress, now 66, explained that her agent happened to know Nicholson, who for a time had dinner almost every night with Davis and her co-stars.

One day, returning to her room, she found a note under the door: “Please call Jack Nicholson at this number.”

Excited, and thinking it was some kind of professional proposal, Davis excitedly called the star of “The Shining.” “So I said to him, ‘Hello Mr. Nicholson, I’m Gina, the model. Did you call me?’ And he answered me: “Hello Gina. When will it be done;””.

Davis was taken aback, having not been aware of Nicholson’s love interest, but Hoffman’s advice immediately came to mind.

“I said ‘oh no — why didn’t I realize that was what it was about?'” he told the New Yorker. “But it immediately occurred to me what to say: ‘Hey, Jack, I’d love to. You’re very attractive… But I have a feeling we’re going to work together at some point in the future, and I wouldn’t want that to ruin the sexual relationship. tension between us.”

“Where did you get that line?” asked an impressed Nicholson, who didn’t insist…

This … peppery incident, which Davis first talked about a few years ago, is included among others in her recently released autobiography, Dying of Politeness: A Memoir.

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