“Glycanisos” comes at a new time – Every Saturday and Sunday at 18.45, on SKAI


The new appointment of “Anise” with the viewers is the weekend afternoons at 18:45

The new appointment of “Glycaniso” with the viewers is the weekend afternoons. Every Saturday and Sunday at 18:45, the great love of Stratis and Razan unfolds on the SKAI screen and fights to survive against everyone.

In the previous episodes, Razan (E. Pieridou) has made Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) happy with her decision to stay on the island and work at the tavern he opened for her. However, the arrival of Eleana (E. Dimitropoulou) in Mytilini causes disturbance and breaks up the happy atmosphere. At the Demiris mansion, Stratis asks her for a divorce but Eleana drops another bombshell and announces that she is pregnant.


Her plan to avenge Stratis and keep him close to her has just begun…

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On Saturday, October 22, and while the Demiris family tries to realize the announcement of Eleana’s pregnancy, Karim (H. Kontogiorgis) meets the Imam who will celebrate his wedding with Razan. At the same time, Angelos (V. Athanasopoulos) remembers that Fazia (R. Sawis) had told him that she had last seen Abdul – his refugee protégé – outside the city, in an olive grove. He will find Michalis (N. Kasapis) a big disappointment when he goes to buy fish and the fishmonger informs him that he has kept the best for the “foreigner’s” tavern.


At the same time, Angelos goes to the olive grove with Margarita (Th. Vostanzoglou) and they find a lock with triple locks and a security camera. And while Nikitas (F. Karalis) is outside Anthi’s (A. Ioannidou) house, blinded by drunkenness, the enraged Menelaus (K. Apostolakis) will be in front of him. And while all this is happening, Chrysanthi (A. Alexopoulou), furious at the few people in her tavern, searches her mobile phone for the photo of Stratis and Razan, to use it against them. But the photo no longer exists.


On Sunday, October 23, Hectors (A. Stamatakis) and Nikitas are arguing outside the Demiri company and Raphael (A. Giannakos) sees them. Then, Paul finds Nikita and warns him to forget about Anthi, because he will have a bad time. At the Demiris mansion, Eleana uses every psychological means to keep Hermione (T. Trypi) as her ally, while a little while later she meets Andreas (A. Alexiou) and informs him about the developments with Stratis.


And while all this is happening, Ariadne (K. Ruggeri) visits Razan’s tavern. The atmosphere, between her and Fatima (E. Sofroniadou), seems to be sweetening. While Philip (K. Koklas) tries in vain to reason with Stratis, Hector announces to his family that he is hastening the marriage with Anthi. At the same time, Angelos and Margarita learn that the olive grove belongs to the mother of Police Officer Efstratiou (Ch. Asimakopoulos), while Razan learns of Eleana’s pregnancy from her…


Every Saturday and Sunday at 18.45




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