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“All Together We Can”: Opens the curtain of the theatrical performance “Zorbas” – the proceeds will be allocated to social causes


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The emblematic work of Nikos Kazantzakis “Life and Politics of Alexis Zorbas” in a theatrical adaptation by Yiannis Kakleas and Gerasimos Evangeliatos and directed by Yiannis Kakleas will be staged from October 19 at the “THEATER” of the “Hellenic World” Culture Center, produced by the Meizonos Foundation of Hellenism and the theater productions “Technichoros”

“All Together” opens the curtain on Thursday, October 27, at 19:00, at the “THEATER” of the “Hellenic World” Cultural Center for the theatrical performance “ZORBAS” with only the electronic offer of 10 euros.

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The money will be allocated for the purposes of ALL TOGETHER WE CAN.

For ticket reservations, click HERE

A few words about the show…

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A theatrical performance directed by Yiannis Kakleas, starring Yiannis Stankoglou

The emblematic work of Nikos Kazantzakis “Life and State of Alexis Zorba” in a theatrical adaptation by Yiannis Kakleas and Gerasimos Evangelitos and directed by Yiannis Kakleas will be staged from October 19 at the “THEATER” of the “Hellenic World” Culture Center, produced by the Greater Hellenism Foundation and the “Technichoros” theater producers. The mythical Zorba is embodied by Yiannis Stankoglou. He is joined by Olia Lazaridou in the role of Madame Hortense, Emilianos Stamatakis in the role of the author, Ivan Svitailo in the role of Mavrantonis, Iliana Mavromati in the role of the widow and a large troupe of talented actors and dancers.

Yiannis Kakleas is inspired by the most translated Greek writer in the world and his hero Alexis Zorbas and sets up an impressive spectacle with top-of-the-line artistic actors, in the biggest theatrical production ever made about the legendary ZORBA. A performance taken straight from the Greek soul.

Director’s note

The novel “Life and State of Alexis Zorba” is, undeniablythe most famous work of Nikos Kazantzakis, the book that solemnly placed him on the world literary map. Thanks to “Zorba” Nikos Kazantzakis won an international recognition that no other modern Greek writer has ever claimed. In this novel, the author introduces us to his most emblematic hero, who now belongs to the realm of myth, Zorba. A free spirit, unruly, a Dionysian soul with unbridled passion for love and travel, deeply philosophical with an earthly wisdom, primordial, beyond conventions and conservative social norms.

The narrative, and therefore our performance, focuses in the unexpected and revelatory meeting of a young man with deep concerns and dead ends who is looking for a way to live a free life, with Alexis Zorba, in a journey of initiation and search for identity. On a journey guided by a demonic soul, Zorba, who has the power to instill the passion for a life full of music, pleasure, dance, love and light. A hero-symbol who still today inspires us and leads us to live a life beyond the castrating conventions of a harsh everyday life, to overcome our fears and make a brave journey towards freedom.

A hero worth living as a role model.

As Nikos Kazantzakis mentions: “Let us give him our blood to come alive. Let us do what we can so that this exquisite eater, drinker, worker, womanizer and vagabond may live a little longer. The broadest soul, the surest body, the freest cry that I have known in my life”.

This is also the goal of our show.

They interpret:

Yannis Stankoglou (Alexis Zorbas), Olia Lazaridou (Ortans), Emilianos Stamatakis (Author), Ivan Svitailo (Mauratonis), Iliana Mavromati (Widow), Thodoris Tsouanatos (Manolakas), Antonis Karnavas (Pavlis), Dimitris Fourlis (Mimithos), Nina Foskolou (Lola), Yannis Giannoulis (Reader), Despina Polykandritou (Mavrantonaina), Nikolas Grammatikopoulos, Telis Zacharakis, Nikos Konstantopoulos, Heraklis Kostakis, Sophia Michael, Matina Pergioudaki, Penelope Sergounioti, Danae Stamatopoulou, Emmanuel Stefanoudakis, Vasristaris and Belly Dancers Tsi Anaiza (Anastasia Vylliotis & Izabela Karkarasvili).

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