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Love Island: A temptation awakens memories! – Watch the trailer


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The appearance of another Islander in the Love Island villa takes everyone by surprise.

A pool party brings great excitement to the Islanders, but the pool dance is suddenly interrupted when a female presence crosses the threshold of the villa. Who is the player who suddenly walks into Love Island and brings back memories?

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The audience sends one couple on a date outside the villa while other couples have complaints and tensions. Everyone is busy with the new arrival at home and there are quite a few who are giving their… good reason! Soon the big Love Island group is split in two.

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A game of questions brings to the surface many truths about the experiences that each player has gathered in his life, while once again the messages that come to the Islanders’ cell phones bring confusion. The first message informs about the departure of a player the next day. The second message grants the suite for one night to Claudia and Alexandros L.. Panagiotis prepares to approach the new Islander without his movements being ignored by the others.

love island

Love Island… spread the love!



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