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Anitta says she is already number 1 in music and wants to invest in her acting career


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Anitta said that she intends to end her singing career in five or six years and invest in her dream of being an actress. The statement was made in an interview with the “Innovators Edition” of The Wall Street Journal, this Tuesday (25).

The singer said that she is looking forward to feeling “butterflies” in a new career as an actress and that she considers it useless to continue striving to do things that will not fulfill new dreams. “I’ve done what was impossible [na música]. What’s bigger than number 1?” the singer said.

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Anitta revealed that, despite her success in Brazil, she was discouraged by the music industry in Brazil to invest in an international career. She heard that she could even try to become an international artist, but that would be impossible because the last person she got was Carmen Miranda. “Impossible. This word just makes me want to go ahead,” said the singer.

About her acting career, Anitta said that for now she is analyzing scripts and planning a special trip to celebrate her 30th birthday, in March 2023. Last year, she traveled to Thailand on the recommendation of her astrologer for luck.

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The singer’s two-day trip, in the company of a friend, resulted in the song “Envolver”, which became number 1 on the Spotify Global Daily Chart and won the VMA award. She said she plans to again follow the astrologer’s advice on the best destination to travel.

“I already texted her and asked where is the place next year, because I’m going. If she said Mars? I’m going to Mars. I’m going to call Elon Musk,” the singer said.

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