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The Farm 14: See who is in the 6th roça and who disputes the farmer’s test


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Bárbara Borges, Vini Büttel, Pétala Barreiros and Pelé MilFlows were the pawns nominated to compete in the 6th crop of this season of A Fazenda 14 (Record), on Tuesday night (25). The most voted pawn by the house sat on the stool and the third pawn was indicated by the power of the green flame. The fourth indicated went to the countryside due to the dynamics of the remaining one.

Before starting the vote, Adriane Galisteu asked Kerline, winner of the Proof of Fire, to open the power of Lampião. She chose the black flame that guaranteed immunity in the field and gave the green flame to her opponent in the game, Pétala Barreiros.

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Farmer Lucas Santos indicated directly to the farm Bárbara Borges. He said that he has noticed the attitudes and positions of the woman who makes huge podcasts when the mistake is his group. “But when it’s on her side, she takes a victim stance,” he said.

Barbara replied that she was expecting the opponents’ vote at any moment due to her positioning in the game. “I have my firm stance with my values ​​and I’m not victimized.”

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With seven votes, Vini Büttel occupied the second bench of the field, but this time he can’t counter and pull a pawn out of the stall. Galisteu asked Pétala Barreiros to open the power of the green flame that placed her in the garden. She pretended to be calm and said: “First time in the countryside”.

Pele MilFlows was left in the dynamics of the remaining one and took fourth place in the countryside. She can veto one of the pawns in the Farmer’s Trial and chose Vini. “If I come back with the hat, you’ll sit on the stool,” Pele said to Bia Miranda.

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