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Zodiac signs today, Friday October 28, 2022


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The planetary setting favors you today to make any choice you want and be crowned with success. It is enough to give up the passive and fatalistic attitude, to remove from your thoughts what you do not like in your life and to think positively, envisioning your future. Leave worries and anxieties aside about things you objectively cannot control and limit your thinking and action to what you can influence. Positive thinking plays an important role in shaping reality…

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You’ve had some setbacks lately, but you shouldn’t let that get you down. Your business needs a lot of attention today. Make sure to complete your obligations in the time frames you have and keep a friendly level with your partners, whatever comes your way…

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The day will give you great energy but also a dose of wisdom to face the challenges that will come your way. Problems of an emotional nature can be resolved in the best possible way. Take care of your health today, because there are also griffins. As a precaution, take any vitamins, lest you prevent the worst. From today until the end of the month, be prudent about your health and physical condition…


If you have a long-term relationship that you feel is not living up to your expectations, today will push you to make decisions. But think with a clear mind before taking any step that will not be reversible. In your professional environment you may be pushed to take risks that you would not like or that you were afraid of. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.


Your relationship is on the right track, but something seems to be troubling you today or making you feel unsatisfied. You should look for the answers within yourself, because you may not be fully committed to this relationship. Or you may be creating issues in your mind where none exist.


Contacts and trips with people from abroad will give you unique experiences, while your business agreements will be beneficial! Many pending issues will clear up and help you resolve family and emotional issues from the past. However, be careful with your finances from a management point of view.


A pessimism has overwhelmed you, that you will never manage to find the ideal person to share your life with. Although there are no perfect people, go about your life with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and no one ever knows… Maybe an extremely interesting and promising acquaintance awaits you.


You realize that you have been missing out on quite a few things lately and this can get you down. But look to the future with optimism and place your aspirations on a realistic basis. The day promises gifts for you that you should not ignore. It’s not necessarily financial benefits, but it can be great advice from a loved one or having someone support you in your business plans.


You must decide that you are the one who charts the course of your life and not allow those around you to derail you. You should react strongly to those who throw down the gauntlet to you, to defend your professional interests, but also set clear limits to those who are inclined to question you.


Lots of talk today about family problems. Keep a soft tone and don’t get upset. For lovers the atmosphere is quite idyllic. However, do not force your views in a combative manner. A new friend can be very useful to you. But be careful with driving and alcoholic beverages.


Today is a creative day! A decision of yours can significantly change your life and give it a significant boost. Trust your gut and you won’t miss out. Break up with friends and social circles that have nothing to give you, only to take from you. Calm down and properly assess the situation in your emotions, avoiding tensions and scenes of jealousy.


Pain and pleasure are said to go hand in hand. Today, through the pain you will cause someone, you will derive satisfaction. But is it fair or right? A chance meeting with a person from your past, personal or professional, will make you happy and completely change the course of the day.

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