Lúcia Veríssimo denounces threats after kissing photo with Cássia Kis

Lúcia Veríssimo denounces threats after kissing photo with Cássia Kis

Actress Lúcia Veríssimo denounced the attacks she received on social networks after publishing a photo in which she appears kissing with Cássia Kis. The photo was published last Friday (28) as a form of protest against the interpreter of Cidália in the soap opera “Travessia”. Cássia, who had declared herself a supporter of Bolsonaro, criticized homosexual relations in a live with Leda Nagle last week. Lucia has been married for seven years to producer Tay Saad.

“I’m being attacked by a horde of ignorant people on Twitter, who defend the indefensible using the expression past mistake. Sin and past mistake is the disease of your heads that did and do so much harm to humanity. Loving was never a sin or mistake of the past”, began the actress by shooting at homophobia.

“You are committing a crime. And this crime is called homophobia, which is subject to prosecution. Be careful what you say, you lobotomized people. You don’t ask God for forgiveness for loving. And what you do is unforgivable. hatred, intolerance, disrespect and the worst, they don’t love their fellow man, because lack of respect is lack of love”, continued Lúcia, who is part of the cast of Rensga Hits!, Globoplay’s original series. She returned to the acting field after nine years away from television. [o último trabalho foi em “Amor à Vida”, de 2013].

Lúcia Veríssimo also sent a message to her attackers. “You don’t have any power of attorney from God to create rules from your prejudices and closed desires, laws that he never created. What God created was life, truth and love. I will continue to fight against hypocrisy”, she added.

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