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Gabriela Pugliesi gives birth to her first child and talks about expectations


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The first child of fitness influencer Gabriela Pugliesi, 37, with her husband Túlio Dek, 37, was born this Wednesday morning (2). Lion name. “Lion king,” he wrote in the post.

For a year and a half, Pugliesi incorporated visits to an IVF clinic into her fitness routine. One of the first influencers to focus on the production of content focused on health and well-being, she decided to invest part of her time in fulfilling the dream of becoming pregnant with her first child.

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At the time, she was still married to model Erasmo Viana, 36, with whom she ended up in 2021. “Three days before implanting the embryo on my third attempt, I separated. And for me it was a glory, maybe that time it would work out and I would be in a relationship that I couldn’t anymore”, he says, in an interview with F5.

Now married to Túlio Dek, Pugliesi finally celebrates the birth of her first child. After one insemination and two fertilizations, the pregnancy ended up happening naturally and changed her perceptions of life and priorities.

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“My world is now inside me. Before, I saw some things in a very shallow way”, stated Gabi days before Lion’s birth. At the time, she said that she wanted a delivery “as natural as possible and without intervention”, despite the support prepared for her in one of the best equipped maternity hospitals in São Paulo.

The influencer, an example of a harmonious and healthy body before pregnancy, gained 16 kilos during pregnancy and, you know what? She’s not the least bit worried about how her figure will look postpartum. “I’m thinking I’m beautiful and amazing.” Check out the interview below.

Talk a little about your expectation until you get pregnant.

I went through a year and a half of trying to get pregnant in my old relationship. Only when the phase passes do we realize how painful the process is, as it messes with physical and emotional. Hormonal oscillation too great. For a year and a half my life was waiting for the next month.

How was the moment when you separated from Erasmo Viana?

Three days before implanting the embryo on my third IVF, I separated. And for me it was a glory, I’m glad I didn’t [o procedimento], maybe that time it would work out and I would be in a relationship that I couldn’t anymore. In two months, I met Túlio Dek, my husband today. We were at the beginning of the relationship and the pregnancy came in the most natural way in the world. I understand it as a blessing.

In almost 40 weeks, what were the main challenges and discoveries?

I was conditioned to believe it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t get sick, nothing, I was in a good mood, happy atmosphere, everything was above expectations. Best pregnancy in the world, even physical and emotional changes are part of it. I got pregnant at my most mature, calmest stage. I’m more connected to myself. Now let’s see the postpartum period and the puerperium, but if it continues like this, I’ll only have good things to report. The fact that I really want to be a mother helps me not to problematize things.

And the postpartum?

I live one day after another, I have mother friends who have had wonderful puerperium and others who have suffered from hormonal decline. It’s normal to feel a little sad, but that doesn’t mean the person is sad. The reality of every mother is one. I am privileged to be able to have a nanny and two grandmothers present to support us. I think more about the education I want to give him, how to educate a child in this world.

How do you deal with the pressure for the perfect body?

I got pregnant four kilos above my normal weight, I lived a phase with fewer rules and restrictions, my head was already changing and it was wonderful. I’ve gained 16 kilos so far, but I don’t even think about it, I think I’m beautiful and amazing. Maybe at another time I would be more concerned with aesthetics, but we change a lot. I only think about breastfeeding for many months. With willpower I recover the body naturally, without haste.

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