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New shapes in Education


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Education requires new forms and other dynamics, in order to be able to respond to developments.

With our collaboration and the deep belief that we can serve innovation and creativity, we will be able to identify the escaping reserves of intelligence both in the field of our students and in the field of teachers.

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The experts argue that if we want to ensure the future of our country in the 21st century, we must start today, from the Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

The quality of teachers as people and as citizens is a condition for building and making the prospect of our national and European dreams successful. And this quality of ours as people and citizens is based on our education, social sensitivity, skills and our participation in evaluative processes.

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The key to success in a collective effort, such as running an innovative School, is to understand and analyze the intentions of our partners and our students.

With rational thinking and by utilizing the modern findings of pedagogical science, we will be able to reach the highest points of academic freedom and financial independence. Under these conditions, we will emerge as an innovative European educational center.

And I refer to the attitude of each one of us because I believe that from the depths of the existence of all teachers there is an anxious, a warm and modest plea: Let us all weave together the web and the environment of reflection and vision for the design of educational programs, which will redeem us and will elevate us to the vanguard of European education. We will design programs with an aura of innovation and an aroma of excellence, and with all these dreams and our reflections the tower of innovation will be built, the harbor that will safely anchor our own dreams and our own pedagogical ambitions.

In the soul and calculus of all teachers there is an endless deposit of pure white marble.
Let us quarry the appropriate volumes and attempt with our master’s chisel, to sculpt a Mercury, a Venus, a Marathon runner.

So that the perfection and beauty of our educational system can reach the ends of Europe and make our offer known. In this womb, the beauty of the human soul will be hatched and our Pedagogical Ideal will emerge.

Not renewing and much more forgetting the pedagogical values ​​would be truly disastrous.

The innovative pedagogic breath, when ignited by our unique collectiveness and cooperation, will guard our educational radiation and as a beacon of dawn will enlighten parents to trust us with their children.

Dear teachers, talk to each other, reflect, exchange ideas, plan programs. Join your thoughts, water your dreams with the freshness of the dreams and reflections of your partners, not only of your discipline, but of all scientific fields.

New ideas come like uninvited guests. Open the door of your mind and soul and converse with them.

The knowledge of pedagogy and the understanding that one must build on what has been applied and proven to be successful is a necessary condition that can get us out of stagnation. And I say this because if we stand still we will grow old…, we will perish…

And if this happens, then Greece will be reduced to begging. I personally don’t want us to become beggars. I want us to be torchbearers and innovators. To be bathed in the light of educational innovation, meritocracy and academic distinction.

That’s the only way we’ll survive. Only in this way will we be proud of who we are and taste the ambrosia and nectar not of the Olympian Gods, but of ordinary people who know how to transform physical and spiritual toil into a supreme good, which is distributed to all people, who participate in process of giving and creating.

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