Custom cashmere hoodies: The latest elitist development in menswear


Top fashion brands such as Zegna and Hermès sell luxury, made-to-measure hoodies that can reach cards with 4-digit numbers.

Upstairs at the Hermès menswear store on Madison Avenue in New York City is a cozy studio where shoppers can drink champagne, browse books and fashion magazines, and order tailor-made clothing.

Many customers are out there for classic custom suits and shirts, but some are looking for a more modern piece: a custom hoodie.

One person pays $ 1,925 for a princely hoodie, and can choose from 27 different colors. A tailor will do the measurements and, about 12 weeks later, a one-of-a-kind, cashmere hooded hoodie will be ready.

This premium hoodie by Hermès represents the latest development in custom clothing.

Today’s titans avoid costumes. Elon Musk wears black T-shirts, Mark Zuckerberg designs his metaverse wearing knitwear and media moguls prefer fleece vests outdoors.

Loro Piana sells tailor-made hoodies with baby cashmere hood, vicuña and the extremely soft wool Gift of Kings. Price starts at $ 2,395 and takes a few months to produce. Similarly, Zegna custom pieces – priced from around $ 1,500 – are slightly less impressive. The brand also allows customers to modify the design by identifying the skin that will be lined with the zipper. Extremely original for the design of casual pieces.

In the process, you do not even have to be in one percent of the population to enjoy a luxury hoodie. Companies like Son of a Tailor offer custom-made cotton hoodies for just $ 112. The Copenhagen-based company plans to release a custom hoodie in January.

Beyond the price, the question remains: Why does anyone really need such an expensive hoodie while the shops are full of hoodies?

Can’t customers find a simple sweatshirt of their choice without the cost and waiting time?

Some people end up thinking they can’t.

Let ‘s be realistic: Not all happy men minimalists are willing to stay in a sweatshirt for the rest of their lives. Dag Granath, co-owner of the Saman Amel tailor shop in Stockholm, said in an interview that a customer in England had bought many custom sweatshirts in strange colors such as lilac, mustard and bright red. Such a buyer seems to value eccentricity more than financial prudence. He is fascinated by the ability to personalize a hoodie with a hood in a specific color, fabric and pattern – a sweatshirt that only he has.

Companies like Zegna and Son of a Tailor also let shoppers monograph their hoods, clearly telling people: “Yes, this is my sweatshirt. And you do not have it. “

After all, it can be another opportunity to brag, rather than the pleasure of wearing something to order. With something as trivial but elite as a custom hoodie, “we are no longer talking about clothes but statuses,” notes G. Bruce Boyer, author of “True Style: The History and Principles of Classic Menswear.”

Sure, the hoodie will fit deftly around the biceps, but its true value will be seen at a cocktail party when someone says, “Nice sweatshirt.” Now if such a compliment from a stranger is worth $ 1,500, it is up to each person to decide.

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