The zodiac today, Monday, November 7, 2022



You might be in a bit of a bad mood today but you shouldn’t let the day go to waste. Adapt to the facts of the moment or era and face challenges with a positive attitude. Career is not your whole life and you should realize that. If you are facing problems in the professional field, do not transfer them to your relationship because it will also damage your personal life.


You have achieved a lot lately and you are rightly proud, but you can achieve much more if you let go and ask for the help of experts or people you trust. Think about it… Maybe you need someone’s advice on financial management and investments. Your current finances seem to be doing pretty well, but there are affairs from the past that need to be settled…


The recent successes seem to have taken you out of your mind and you are presenting an arrogant attitude! Recognize the role those around you have played in your success and give them credit. Make a good assessment and a prioritization of your activities. Engage directly in what can be profitable or enrich your knowledge and experiences.


Your personal life is at its best and many of the worries you had have been put aside. Now you can focus your attention on your career. Because an opportunity like today rarely comes in our lives! Be sure to take advantage of it, because it will change your life to a significant extent. The way you use body language will play an important role.


Calmness characterizes you today and a disposition to reconcile with those around you and the situations that occur. Let go of the negative feelings you have about others and forgive them to move forward… Some minor health problems may bother you, but it’s nothing really important. Protect your body a little more with rest and good food.


Disappointment and loneliness you may feel and you will be in the mood to hide in your shell. But it would be better to find outside, even if by force, and relax with friendly company. But be careful who you trust, especially in your workplace. There is enough background around you trying to undermine you and there is no need to arm them…


Some memories from the recent or distant past come back and haunt your day. Push away that which causes you pain and distress so that it does not become a brake on your path. You are extremely sensitive people and are greatly influenced by the concerns and problems of others. But it is one thing to support friends and another to appropriate other people’s problems and suffer…


You won’t gain much by sitting around and waiting for the opportunity to dawn on you. You should also put your hand in, making the necessary contacts, planning your actions and, if necessary, redesigning your course. Some important work obligation seems to be coming to an end today and it’s time to evaluate. But at the same time you should set your next goals. Your higher self can give you the directions to follow.


Impatience seizes you… You are troubled by the fact that, while you have done what you should, things do not say to change course. Did you expect too much in a short amount of time? Your ingenuity and quick reaction will be what will save you today from difficult situations. Take no chances and follow the diplomatic route…


Your goal should be to give yourself moments of relaxation and feel well, as a new month and important challenges await you. Your interpersonal relationships are far from static and to remain alive and functional requires effort from both parties. You put on autopilot and think you did your duty…


You should take some very important steps today in your career field. It upsets you that you have to move in order to evolve, but remember that nothing is static and that “everything is changing”… However, do not be afraid of changes. For those engaged with severe communication problems, the day may also bring the end of a cycle.


In your professional area, although you are appreciated, you feel that you have run into a quagmire. It’s time to do something new. And if it’s not possible to change course, be sure to take up something new to stimulate you. You have the feeling that everyone around you is making progress in your life, while you have stagnated. Arm yourself with positive energy and self-confidence and look ahead, where the important and great things are.

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