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Neelam Ahooja: From Accountancy to Fashion Week Front Row – Read Her Interesting Story


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The fashion influencer and content creator, who inspires us to believe that at 50+ you can still become what you dream of

Neelam Ahoojafashion influencer, stylist, collector and content creator, turned her life around, following her passion for fashion and a career in social media, defying age and societal dictates for a more acceptable line of work.

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“I grew up in a beautiful, racist, small town, so I buried myself in my books, flipping through magazines, looking at Prada, Hermès, Givenchy, thinking that someday it would be great to wear these things,” she tells Laura Decarufel for The Kit .

Born in Belleville, Canada, the daughter of Indian immigrants, she started her career in accounting, but her creative spirit made her hate her life and her job.

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In 1995 she briefly took on the modeling role when a booker asked her to be the face of a ‘Shoppers beauty book’. She continued as a finance director at a technology company, until her husband told her she didn’t need to continue in a field that didn’t fulfill her.

The transition to the Fashion area

After Holt Renfew’s personal shopper prompted her to open her Instagram account in 2014, everything changed. She started posting sporadically, encouraged by a small community of fashion people to let her creativity out and show off pieces of her wardrobe, but remained focused on raising her children.

October 2020 and the photos inspired by the brand “The Row” in the photography studio of her friend Mona, took her off the air and within a year she reached 100,000 followers and now adorns the most famous fashion magazines and the front row of popular fashion shows .

As she has told British Vogue, “I gave up my career and raised my children, so now is my time.”

Now, at 52, she is a full-time content creator, passionate about the minimal luxury aesthetic and the collection of fashion items, she brings knowledge to the shallow world of fashion and aims to prove to us that designer pieces, with their quality and craftsmanship, deserve a place in our closet.

In addition, it advocates that the sustainability and longevity of what we buy and the shift to secondhand options are paramount to our impact on the planet.

The Row Muse

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s brand “The Row” has been a milestone in her fashion journey, which highlighted her style, becoming for her the ultimate effortless chic – minimal aesthetic guide and an extension of her personality.

“From my earliest memory, fashion has been a part of me—it’s been in my heart,” states Neelam, and we wish everyone to find their own path to happiness.

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