Victor Fasano follows in the footsteps of Cássia Kis and participates in coup acts in Rio


Among the representatives of the artistic milieu, it can be said that Cássia Kis is not alone in the coup acts that have been taking place since Lula (PT) won the presidential elections on October 30th. Victor Fasano, 64, joined her in the anti-democratic crusade of Jair Bolsonaro’s voters.

The actor, who has a history of dedication to projects in defense of the environment, was on vigil at the door of the Eastern Military Command, in Rio, and on his Instagram, he explained the reason that led him to start the cold dawn of this Thursday. Friday (10) at the demonstration.

“As we have our freedom guaranteed by our constitution, in a democratic country, yes, we can continue to demonstrate, wanting to know what happened in the last election. So, firm, my people, firm. Until we have a concrete answer, convincing, we will continue here doing our vigil every day. Good night”, he said, in a video posted on the network.

Brazilian TV heartthrob in the 1990s and 2000s, Victor has been away from Rede Globo for ten years. His last work on the network was in the miniseries “Amazônia”, by Gloria Perez. He then had a brief stint at Record, and in a recent interview, he says he chose to abandon his TV career in 2016.

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