Xuxa shows puppy room and is criticized: ‘Bigger than my house’

Xuxa shows puppy room and is criticized: ‘Bigger than my house’

“Are you happy in your little room? Doralice’s double bed, Doralice’s clothes, her closet, her bedding. I’m a happy child.” That’s how the presenter Xuxa, 59, showed the privileged place where her little dog lives.

In the Yorkshire space, there are at least three beds, two closets for clothes, suitcases, bedding, various towels, perfumes and essences, in addition to teddy bears and some toys.

However, some netizens have criticized the Rainha dos Baixinhos. “It’s sad to see an animal with more clothes than a child without a family”, fired a follower. “It’s bigger than my house,” said another.

“This exaggeration with your pet is too much, there are children without food,” commented another.

Xuxa always liked dogs. In 2019, when she was still at Record, she had to be replaced by Marcos Mion in the recording of The Four Brasil (Record) program due to the death of her puppy, Dudu. , a Yorkie. “I didn’t prepare myself, you weren’t supposed to go so soon. Give me more kisses, my little fur love”, she said on social media.

“I know some will say it was just a dog. In fact, the pure truth, it was a son who left me very early. He wasn’t sick and that’s why it hurts me more knowing that I’ll never smell his kisses again” , said the presenter on her Instagram account, crediting Dudu’s death to a “problem of route”.

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