Panagiotakopoulou – Piladakis: And the two become one flesh… We will soon eat a buffet – What our “Breakfast” revealed


The couple, who have been dating for several years, are going to walk the steps of the church in 2023

Ready to take the next step in their relationship it seems they are Panayiotakopoulou’s naval ships and Kostas Piladakis. “We have very good news,” said Nikos Georgiadis, the new partner of Fais Skordas, in “Our Breakfast”on SKAI.

The couple, who have been in a relationship for several years, according to the journalist, are going to climb the steps of the church in 2023.

The couple lives under the same roof and their relationship has been tested both in conditions of cohabitation and distance… It is known, after all, that Nausika Panagiotakopoulou was absent for a long time due to Survivor and her lover supported her while she was in the game.

“I know that they are preparing to formalize their relationship with Kostas Piladakis. Anyway, they have been living together since the middle of 2020. They live in the house of Kostas Piladakis, in Glyfada, and what I know is that Kostas bought the ring when Nausika was still on Survivor. In 2023 we will have weddings and joys”, revealed the journalist

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