A spiral of robbers who had “ransacked” Thessaloniki was dismantled – Over 300,000 euros their loot in 15 days

A spiral of robbers who had “ransacked” Thessaloniki was dismantled – Over 300,000 euros their loot in 15 days

They are four young men, three of whom were arrested while the other is being sought. They had committed 17 house burglaries and had become the fear and terror of the residents in the districts of the co-capital

In dislocation of a criminal organization that committed robberies, house burglaries and theft of state license plates in areas of Thessaloniki, police officers of the Property Crimes Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate proceeded.

On Tuesday morning, an operation was organized with the assistance of police officers from the Directorate of Operations and Witness Protection, where they were located in the settlement of Diavati and in Kordelio.

It’s about four Roma men aged 20, 19, 24 and 18, some of whom are cousins. The three were arrested, while the details of the fourth member of the criminal organization have been identified.

In a period of approximately 15 days, they committed 17 house burglaries, four thefts of state license plates and two robberies in the areas of Panorama, Pylaia, Oreokastro, Thermi, Neapoli and Nikopoli.

The case of a robbery in Panorama last Friday is typical, in which the 70-year-old tenant noticed the perpetrators entering the car they were using to escape. The old man decided to chase them in his own vehicle. He collided with the I.X. his on theirs. One of the assailants got out of the vehicle and broke the windshield of the 70-year-old’s car with irons.

In his statements, the director of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate, Brigadier General Stavros Keselidis, emphasized that citizens should avoid such actions, which hide serious risks for the victims. “The Authorities should be informed first”, he noted.

As announced, since October 28, members of the criminal group have committed a total of 23 criminal acts, including two robberies, 17 house burglaries and four thefts of license plates from I.X. cars. It is alleged that they operated mainly in Panorama, but also in other areas of the urban complex, such as Pylaia, Thermi, Neapoli, Nikopoli and Oreokastro.

Presenting the case, the Director of Security of Thessaloniki, Brigadier General Stavros Keselidis stated that the perpetrators took care to take protective measures so as not to be noticed. As he explained, they had their features covered up, put stolen number plates on their ‘business’ vehicles, used vehicles – ‘producers’ and parked all the cars in lots away from their homes. A characteristic of the protection measures they took, as the brigadier mentioned, is that they recorded the call codes of the Immediate Action patrol cars in a diary.

The three who were arrested were located yesterday in Diavata and Kordelio, while in searches of their homes sums of money, mobile phones, women’s bags, jewelry, as well as a stolen weapon were found. Burglary tools were also confiscated in an outdoor area of ​​Diavati, which they seem to have used in the context of the action attributed to them. The stolen items are expected to be returned to their owners.

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