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MrBeast: Meet the most popular and highest paid YouTuber in the world


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The American Jimmy Donaldson, 24, better known on digital platforms as MrBeast, became one of the most followed individuals in the world on YouTube with 113 million subscribers, last Wednesday (16). But he was already considered the highest paid YouTuber in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

A list of millionaire content producers published by Forbes showed that MrBeast had raised about US$ 54 million (about R$ 295 million) with videos on YouTube in 2021, the equivalent of monthly earnings of R$ 4.5 million (about R$ 295 million) of BRL 24.6 million).

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MrBeast started posting videos on the platform in 2012 at the age of 13. At the time, he used the name of Mr Beast 6000 and the content published was videos about gameplays and estimating the wealth of youtubers. His first video, which went viral in 2017 with a hundred thousand views, consisted of him counting from 1 to 100 thousand.

After that, the youtuber’s channel became increasingly popular and he began to diversify the content with increasingly eccentric videos, such as giving US$ 500,000 (about R$ 2.7 million) to a man for fulfilling his obligations the challenge of staying a hundred days inside a circle of grass.

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Last year, he spent 50 hours buried alive, offered US$ 10,000 (about R$ 54,000) to whoever agreed to sit in a bathtub with snakes and presented his own version of Round 6 with replicas of the series’ scenarios -he shared video of a tour on TikTok. In the most recent video, published on November 12, he gave a private jet to the youtuber who kept his hand on the aircraft the longest.

In addition to the eccentric videos, the youtuber is also a philanthropist and maintains a charity that works as a food bank to distribute food to communities in the United States. With fellow YouTuber Mark Rober, MrBeast has organized international fundraising projects such as TeamSeas and TeamTrees that focus on environmental issues.

The duo has already managed to raise more than US$ 24 million (about R$ 130 million) to plant 20 million trees worldwide. PewDiePie, ousted by him from the post of youtuber with the most followers, donated around US$ 70 thousand (R$ 377 thousand) to the TeamTrees project.

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