Casimiro Miguel tests positive for Covid and postpones wedding


With Covid, streamer Casimiro Miguel postponed the wedding with bride Anna Beatriz, which was scheduled for Saturday (19). He shared a video on social media explaining that he has decided to postpone the ceremony, which is due to take place next month.

In a good mood, Casimiro started the video saying that he had broken up with the bride, who shouted her denial. Then he said that he tested positive for Covid on Wednesday (16) and that he postponed the wedding because it is the best for the health of the guests. “We’ve decided to postpone this wedding, probably to next month,” he said.

Casimiro told the followers that he was medicated and that everything is under control. He also said that he hopes to recover for the transmission of the World Cup in Qatar, which starts next Sunday (20). He will have a YouTube channel created specifically for streaming more than 20 games.

“I passed here [nas redes] to let you know because it’s better that it comes out on some site with a clickbait headline”, he said. “I still haven’t gotten used to this stop of exposing everything I do if not others will expose it. I guess that’s how things work.”

“Caze put a certificate in the wedding to focus on the World Cup”, tweeted an internet user joking with Casimiro. “Man this is freaking me out. This disease is exploding again like 2020,” commented another Twitter user.

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