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Iza reflects on blackness and says that being black in Brazil is being a survivor


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“To be black in Brazil is to be a survivor”. This is the reflection that can’t get out of the mind of singer Iza, 32, on the eve of Black Consciousness Day, celebrated on Sunday (20). According to her, luckily, fame kept racial prejudice at bay, but this is not the reality for most people.

“There’s no way to have mental health being black. It’s hard to know that we can die just for being who we are. But obviously fame kept me away from that, because everyone knows that I am. Today people walk behind me at the mall for another reason “, he says in a chat with the press, this Friday (18).

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According to the artist, it is always very difficult to watch cases of racism in the country. “Black people listen at home, from their mother, not to run in the street, not to hang an umbrella outside their backpack, not to walk without a shirt or hood. Some people have no idea what that is”, she evaluates.

Knowing all this, the singer decided to help strengthen businesses led by black people. She will donate R$ 500,000 to some of the entrepreneurs enrolled in the Entra na Roda project, a partnership with IDBR (Instituto Identidades do Brasil).

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Professionals in the areas of food, entertainment, beauty, fashion and social impact businesses can register through the website ( until December 11th. From a curatorship, the best projects will benefit.

“It has always been my dream to help. What blacks lack is opportunity and these people cannot wait forever. Blacks deserve to be remunerated and recognized”, he says.

In all, there will be 20 finalists, five in each category, and two winners in each segment (ten in total). The award is scheduled for April 2023 and the transfer of the amount in the following month.

“I feel happy to be able to do something like this and to do it it had to be right. To see this wheel turn and these investments come into contact with entrepreneurs. This will open doors and great opportunities for other people.”

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