A Fazenda 14: Deolane threatens Babi and the actress’s team issues a repudiation note


During a dynamic of discord in A Fazenda 14 (Record), the lawyer Deolane Bezerra, 34, argued with the actress Bárbara Borges, 43, and threatened to “break the face” of the confinement colleague. After the confusion on TV, the former paquita’s team shared a note of repudiation against the influencer.

“You threatened me I don’t know how many times,” began Babi. Deolane then got up and faced the actress and replied: “I threatened to break your face”. The former paquita countered by calling the lawyer a criminal. “It doesn’t give anything!”, replied the influencer.

“Ah, nothing comes of it? You’re a member of the law, right? You can break me and it won’t come to anything! Thanks, Brazil! I’m being a threat beyond the Farm”, continued Babi, looking at the camera, and, in then classified Deolane as “invasive, tyrannical, oppressive, narcissistic, cruel and evil”.

Still on Sunday night (20), the actress’s team shared a note of repudiation of the lawyer’s attitudes. “We thank fans, friends and followers for their support, together we are stronger!”, begins the text. “We repudiate any and all forms of aggression, whether verbal or physical. We repudiate not only when our participant is the victim, but any participant.”

“It is inadmissible for anyone to go through this situation and the aggressor, after threatening, still suggests that the law will not be complied with and will go unpunished”, continues the statement, which also cites article 147 of the Penal Code, informing that threatening someone is a crime.

“Thus, this note serves to repudiate any and all forms of aggression against any participant, as we preach a fair game without violence”, completes the actress’s team. wanted by F5Deolane’s team did not comment on the subject until the conclusion of this text.

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