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Students are introduced to the circular economy through the Delphic landscape


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Children aged 6 to 12 joined the learning programme, which started on October 20 and ends at the end of November

Students aged 6 to 12, in collaboration with Directorate of Primary Education of Fokida and the Primary School of Delphi they visit the World Center for Circular Economy and Culture “p”, i.e. the Delphi Pavilion, as it was formerly known, which was designed and built by leading Greek architects Dimitris and Petros Pikionis in the 1960s and recently renovated to function as a pole education and awareness for the environment with creation and contemporary art as the main vehicle.

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From October 20th until the end of November, young students are introduced to the concepts of materiality, the circular economy and recycling with the aim of developing their own critical thinking on urgent environmental issues. Children not only have the opportunity to observe and reflect on the rich, natural space of Delphi, but also to create their own by incorporating materials from recycling, but also by applying the principle of reuse in their daily lives.

In addition, in the classrooms of Delphi Primary School, as part of the educational program designed by PCAI, students create 3D landscapes and sunsets in recyclable glass jars, using natural and household materials inspired by the project Canning the Sunset by Carly Glovinski which was presented at the Keeping Time exhibition. At the end, by gathering the individual constructions of all the children, each class creates a collective project encouraging the children to think that only through group actions can nature be effectively protected.

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The program, which will be completed at the end of November, focuses on creating a completely different culture in the younger generations, in order to break the cycle of environmental degradation, especially in local communities, as well as in the hope that children will lure families. them towards a friendlier way of approaching nature, in general.


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