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The Art of Criticism


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Webinar with theater critic Louisa Arkoumaneas and author Niki Giannari

What constitutes what we call a theatrical experience and what is it that makes the core of classical texts inexhaustible and radical? How can we “read” a theatrical performance, approaching its conceptual depth and aesthetic codes according to the genre it serves? How can we see beyond the obvious and rethink the given?

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There is always the shadow of melancholy falling over to Uncle Vanya. There is always something of Nora in how we agonize into adulthood. And it is the unsettlingly familiar Vampires who can speak as well as anyone to our souls.
On the occasion of plays that are staged in Athens, we will investigate some spectators, perhaps, in view of the theatrical event.

How is a classical work called upon to coordinate with the demands of the present? Are there ‘fads’ in theater and what about political correctness? What kind of knowledge can inform our reading as viewers? Are there limits to adaptation and directorial intervention? After all, can theater change our lives?

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The meetings will take place via zoom, every Thursday evening, 18.30-20:30.

Duration: November 17 to February 23 (except holidays)

Seminar cost: 200 euros (in two installments)
For information please contact 6972 274689, from Monday to Friday, 14:00-19:00, and email:

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