Richarlison promises to stay with Anitta after winning the Cup: ‘I’ll take it’


An interview by Richarlison in March of last year became a subject on the networks again. All because of a controversial statement by the number 9 shirt of the Brazilian national team at the World Cup in Qatar about Anitta. When asked about having already stayed with the singer, he denied it. But he confided that he was interested in the most powerful funk artist in the country.

“Boy, I didn’t take it. But if she wants it, I want it”, he revealed, who even made a prediction about his call-up and the dream of winning the sixth championship. “After I win the World Cup, I’ll get it”, joked Richarlison during the live on the Pilhado channel. In the interview, the Tottenham striker assumed he had several “contatinhos” and even laughed out loud in the broadcast when he told details of a flirtation with an Englishwoman, when he still did not master the language.

“She lost a pair of glasses in the sea, I jumped up and found nothing. I asked a fisherman who was close to us and he got them for me. I went there, handed the glasses to her and gave her a “Kiss me” (kiss me in English) I already put a kiss on her, I already got her Instagram number and saw that she lived here close to me”, he said, laughing.

After scoring the two winning goals for Brazil against Serbia, in the debut of the World Cup in Qatar, Richarlison even received a marriage proposal. The proposal came from an influencer named Catarina Dantas. “He’s really my man, I want to marry Richarlison. I’m going to put his picture dancing like a pigeon in the background [do meu celular]”, she said, in a video in Stories. The Pigeon responded to the flirtation by following the blogger back.

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