Former BBB Eliezer talks about sex life with Viih Tube after pregnancy discovery

Former BBB Eliezer talks about sex life with Viih Tube after pregnancy discovery

Former BBB Eliezer, 32, who participated in Globo’s reality this year, said in an interview that his intimate life with his girlfriend Viih Tube, 22, is adapting to new phases after discovering the pregnancy. In September, the also former BBB and influencer revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, the result of their relationship.

The couple created a profile for the child on social networks called Pequena Lua, and the page already has more than one million followers.

The designer said that, when they discovered the pregnancy, the girlfriend had a high libido, and that now they are adapting intimacy as time progresses. “When we found out, she had a phase where the desire was multiplied by a million. Today, I can see that it has diminished. But there are weeks when the business catches fire”, he said in an interview with Quem.

Eliezer also explained that he talks a lot with Viih Tube to understand what is best for her during sexual intercourse, as some positions can be uncomfortable. “There are positions that are not the most comfortable, others that are distressing, because she has the moon inside her, right? Me on top of her, it makes her feel hurt and squeeze a lot. So we adapt, but it’s one thing much talked about”.

“I understand that sex is in phases. I had already read about it, but it is important to say that sex is not over. Our sex life still exists, but it has changed and is changing. Every week it is in a way”, he adds. .

Even with the comments of some people, the former BBB declared that the two have no plans to marry. “Marriage itself is not something I want and it is not Viih’s dream either. She had more dreams of being a mother than of getting married.”

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