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A Fazenda 14: See who’s in the fake garden and pedestrians fighting for the farmer


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Pelé Milflows, Pétala Barreiros, Bárbara Borges and Deolane Bezerra were nominated to compete in the first fake garden of this season of “A Fazenda 14”, on Tuesday night (29). The formation of this swidden follows the normal rules with a pawn indicated by the farmer and the one most voted by the participants who pulls one from the bay. The fourth nominee went to the roça due to the dynamics of the remaining one.

Before starting the voting, Adriane Galisteu asked Iran Malfitano, who won the Proof of Fire, to choose the power of flame. He chose the red one and gave the yellow one to his friend André Marinho, who gained the advantage of voting once again for a pawn and chose Pétala.

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Pelé Milflows was directly nominated for the farm by farmer Bia Miranda, who justified that he keeps asking to go to the spotlight to guarantee the farmer’s hat. Pétala Barreiros occupied the second bench with five votes and in the counter-coup he pulled Bárbara Borges.

Deolane was left in the dynamics of the remaining one and was the fourth pawn to go to the hot seat. She could veto one of the pawns in the Farmer’s Test and chose Pelé. But the power of the red flame changed the game and Iran exchanged the vetoed pawn for Pétala, who will not be able to get rid of the swidden. The winner of the Farmer’s Test guarantees the advantage of being immune and indicating a pawn in the next swidden.

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Farmers don’t know, but this week’s vote is not to decide who should stay in the house, but who the public wants to win the fake garden. The two least voted return to the farmhouse and the most voted to stay goes straight to the ranch.

After the false elimination, the most voted farmhand receives two guests at the ranch. But on the way back to the headquarters they cannot comment with the other participants about the fake garden because they run the risk of the three being eliminated. On Saturday, the eliminated pawn returns to the farmhouse bringing a turnaround in the game.

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