Fábio Porchat says he already had an affair with Anitta and that he cannot have children


Actor and comedian Fábio Porchat, 39, revealed that he cannot have children and even claimed that he had an affair with singer Anitta, 29. The also presenter spoke about the episodes of his life in conversation with Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, on podcast Quem Pode, Pod.

Porchat said he found out he couldn’t have children on a trip to the United States, when he decided to buy a drugstore test and discovered he had a low sperm count. “You know how people like pharmacy are, it’s a Disneyland”, she joked.

“In a little while I look and find a fertility test for men. Oh, I’m going to buy it, I thought it was curious. I bought it, I came back from a trip and left it there… I forgot, six months passed. One day I was messing with things and I saw the test and I did. It gave a very low count.”

He said that several months later he decided to go to the urologist to have the test retaken. Porchat explained that, for a man to have a child naturally, he needs to have between 150 million and 50 million sperm. “Mine was like 2 million. Very low”, he added.

“I thought it was even good. What scares me is that it’s forever. Forever annoys me a lot. I don’t want something from the outside disturbing the progress of my life,” he said, who has been married to Nataly Mega since 2017 .

Throughout the conversation, he also confirmed the affair with Anitta. “We got together a little bit. We stayed three times, something like that… But it’s been so long, I don’t even know if she remembers. It was 2013, a long time ago”, he said, who recalled rumors involving his sexuality.

“Those who thought I was gay were straight men. They think a lot. Women are very few, and gays don’t hit on me. But this is very curious, it’s the straight man who always called me gay”, he commented.

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