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“Wild Earth”: Hope does not tolerate the lies of Mars – Watch video


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Elpida (P. Vitetzaki) tells Aris (S. Michael) that she no longer trusts him after the last events with Olga (Z. Doukas). At the same time, Christos (I. Svitailo) approaches Myrto with an erotic mood that forces her to react. Aris tries to trick Olga into going to the department and confessing about what happened with Stamos (D. Mavropoulos). Antonis (X. Stylianou) agrees to take the exam and the result surprises him.

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Elpida clashes with Olga about Stamos’ condition and not wanting to see him come to his senses. Anna (N. Vrachati) confesses to Manos (Th. Patriarcheas) that they don’t get along with Alexis (G. Koskorellos), as a result of which the two become closer. Stefanos (P. Skarmeas) tells Elpida that there is a serious possibility that Kostis (Th. Banousis) will walk again if they go to Boston, with the ultimate goal of winning her back. Olga sees the disappearance of Myrto (M. Zorba) on TV and loses it. Stamos comes to his senses and sees Elpida who has visited him. She tells him that she wants them to make a new start as father and daughter.

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