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PC Siqueira ‘sells ads’ for R$100 and rebuts criticism: ‘It’s not a scam’


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Youtuber Paulo Cezar Siqueira, 36, better known on the internet as PC Siqueira, caused controversy by “selling publis” on his Instagram profile. This Monday (5), he announced that he will charge R$ 100 for those who want to advertise in their Stories.

“Guys, I’m charging BRL 100 for an advertisement here on my Instagram. For the bargain of BRL 100 I post your store, product or work here in my Stories for more than 15 thousand people to see in 24 hours”, he explained, in the publication .

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In the caption, the youtuber also reinforced that, to make the partnership, just send him a direct message on the social network and pay for the pix. “It’s not a scam or a lie,” he added. In the comments, netizens were divided on the influencer’s announcement.

“Man, that’s crazy. Sad situation for the PC”, wrote an internet user, named Jessé Romão (@diariodeumpe). Siqueira countered the comment by saying: “I’m just working, man. Calm down”. The youtuber’s response already has more than 100 likes.

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“I wish you much success, PC! That’s it, every work initiative is valid”, praised another, named Sirliane Rosa (@sirlianerosabva). “I opened a business now, but I’m a little broke, I really wanted to,” said a third, named Gian Gabriel (@gabrielgian021).

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