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When Fans Show Their Enthusiasm at Concerts by Throwing Stuff – Friendly Gesture or Annoying Bullshit?


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Throwing objects on stage is an old practice that dates back to the time when theater actors were thrown tomatoes as a sign of dissatisfaction with their performance

“Too Much Love Will Kill You”, says a Queen song. And when it comes to fan love, he can certainly come pretty close to achieving it, especially when it’s expressed by throwing objects on stage.

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There are many examples, both recent and old. On November 14, Mr Harry Styles “ate” a teddy bear in the eye. For him, this was just the latest incident in a long history of targeting. In 2012, when he was a member of One Direction, he was hit by a tampon at a concert in Nottingham, UK, and later watched in awe as things from chicken nuggets to a shoe were thrown at him. “The show must go on,” was his reaction.

Neither does Lady Gaga he has spared her. This summer, while on stage, he was nearly hit by an unknown object, which he protested vehemently. In any case, this was nothing compared to her 2012 concert in Barcelona, ​​Spain, during which someone threw sausages at her. And in September the Dua Lipa kicked a doll Dr. Simi in Mexico City.

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What motivates this kind of behavior? According to the experts, “it’s about adrenaline, about showing that you live with intensity. It’s a fancy way of responding to what’s happening on stage, and one of the few ways the audience has to participate in the show, whether that’s good or bad.

We could say that the fans seem determined to give something back to their idol, to send a token of their love back to them. This demonstration, as you can see, is not without some aggression,” the experts report.

Throwing objects on stage is an old practice that dates back to the time when theater actors were thrown tomatoes as a sign of dissatisfaction with their performance. The first recorded case dates back to 1883, when an actor named John Ritchie was showered with tomatoes and rotten eggs in New York.

Almost no rock and pop star has been spared. During their first American tour, fans threw candy at the Beatles. George Harrison is said to have hated this “friendly fire” so much that he never wanted to tour again. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Jethro Tull, AC/DC, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Oasis, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Justin Bieber, Marc Anthony, 50 Cent, Jeff Mills and Kanye West are among those who have also been “honored” with one of these unwanted gifts at some point in their career.

Some cases have been captured for posterity: such as the case of the Stooges’ live album Metallic KO, where the Detroit audience can be heard harassing Iggy Pop with an endless… storm of beer bottles, ice and eggs, among other objects.

Some episodes have gone down in rock history, like what happened to Alice Cooper at the Toronto Peace Festival in 1969 when someone threw a chicken at him. The singer returned it to the crowd, who tore it up, spewing blood everywhere. It was then that the legend of Cooper killing chickens on stage was born.

THE Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden was somewhat shocked to see bloody syringes on his legs at a concert in Portugal, while Mick Jagger was hit in the head by a chair at a Rolling Stones concert in Marseille, France in 1990. He received eight stitches. In 2004 it was David Bowie’s turn, in Oslo, Norway, when a lollipop “got” him in the eye.

Things can get even worse for opening acts, which fans of the main artists consider inappropriate. Such was the case with The B-52′s when they opened for The Who in Orlando, Florida in 1982. An apple hit lead singer Cindy Wilson in the stomach, causing the band to leave the stage. In 1992, Faith No More was showered with beer cans while opening for Guns N’Roses in Seville, Spain. Years later, Guns N’Roses themselves would be targeted, this time in protest for being too late to take the stage.

Another incident occurred in Buenos Aires in 1998, when singer Meredith Brooks was bombarded with bottles and coins while opening for the Rolling Stones concert. He had taken the stage wearing the shirt of the Argentina national football team and, in protest, took it off, threw it on the ground and finished the concert offended and upset.

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