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“Anyone who wants to divorce… raise their hand!”: Waiting for the premiere at KTHBE


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It is a project that, according to Mr. Kapoutzidis – who writes both the script and the direction, was written to offer a complete experience to the viewer who will watch it

A few days before the premiere of the show “Anyone who wants to divorce… raise his hand!” of Giorgos Kapoutzidis in Thessaloniki from the State Theater of Northern Greece, the performers gave a press conference, expressing their enthusiasm for what they are about to present.

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It is a play that, according to Mr. Kapoutzidis – who writes both the script and the direction, was written to offer a complete experience to the viewer who will watch it, as he promises that it will entertain the viewers, make them pass nice, to laugh, think, and then go out with their friends on the beach to analyze it.

It is a European comedy, as he characterizes it, since – as he says, it could have been the translation of a comedy that came from France, Spain or elsewhere.

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“It has European humor and it features heroes who are not perfect and because of that they are real and very honest about their feelings, their fears, their insecurities and I feel like you will be surprised at how much they are like you or your friends. The conversations you will see happening on stage are conversations you have had or heard,” he said characteristically. The majority of the protagonists, however, are in their thirties, which Giorgos Kapoutzidis characterizes as a great challenge, as he was already 47 years old when he wrote this particular play. Nevertheless, the reviews from Athens – where the show was originally staged, assured him that – despite the small gap, it did well.

At the happy juncture of her meeting through this collaboration with her colleagues in her thirties, the actress Efi Stamouli was also present, the only one on stage who is different in age, as she plays the catalytic role of the mother, who gives solutions and urges the characters not to do mistakes made by her own generation.

She pointed out two more reasons why she is particularly happy about her participation in this show.

“When I first read the play I started laughing. It’s the second time it’s happened to me with a Greek play and for me that’s what defines comedy,” he said characteristically. As the main reason, however, she mentioned her meeting with the creator himself, a man she valued very much from before, not only as a professional but also for his public presence and public speech.

By meeting her, she found that “his private image not only does not contradict the public one, but makes it even better.

In addition, he is a normal person, he was not driven crazy by celebrity, nor by any power, which is not self-evident”, emphasized Ms. Stamouli.

On behalf of the young actors, Marianna Purega spoke highly of the work, which she described as deeply funny and at the same time deeply moving, but above all the excellent collaboration, since, as she said, it is a show that “makes us happy to go to work”.

“It is very important in our work to have people who inspire you with respect, treat you with respect and guide you in a beautiful way.

George does exactly that, we crave his observations, because through his humor and empathy, he tries to understand the actor’s character and guide him through it to give him instructions for the role,” he said.

In his new capacity as a director, Giorgos Kapoutzidis has by his side Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, whom he describes as a “guardian-angel”.

“Yiannis Paraskevopoulos is an excellent director and person, and I would say … a psychologist,” he said laughing, as, as he explained, “he finds details in the characters that I wrote, but I think he knows them better than I do. I don’t know how he manages it, but he has solved a lot of things”, she emphasized, thanking him.

This very composition of the show was commented, among others, by the artistic director of KTHBE, Asterios Peltekis, saying that it is very interesting and moving.

“This is because it consists of young people who act and live in Thessaloniki trying to defend their theatrical career, of some people who came to graft this effort, of a very important protagonist of the city who, by life choice, has stayed and does what is doing in Thessaloniki and supports it with all its being and also the partnership of a creator-director with a renowned director of the city, who has also stayed and insists on working in the city and creating here at all costs”, pointed out Mr. Peltekis .

The “Whoever wants to divorce… raise his hand!” premieres on Saturday 17 December at the Royal Theater and will run from Wednesday to Sunday, with a double performance on Saturday. Cast: Eleftheria Angelitsa, Chrysa Toumanidou, Marianna Purega, Nikos Kousoulis, Giorgos Papadakos, Yiannis Grezios and Yiannis Tsemberlides and Efi Stamoulis.


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