Gabi Brandt announces risky pregnancy of third child and revolts: ‘I was forced to tell


Gabi Brandt, 26, announced that she is expecting her third child, but the pregnancy is not as smooth as the previous ones. Saulo Poncio’s ex-wife said that the pregnancy is of “extreme risk”, after being diagnosed with a placental detachment. She also assumed that she did not intend to talk about the news, but ended up being “thank you”. “Once again, I had my privacy invaded and exposed against my will, I was forced to tell (confirm, right… because it was already told) about the existence of my son”, complained Gabi.

The influencer started the outburst as if it were a letter addressed to her son. She revealed how happy she was to be a mother again and how good it was to keep her pregnancy a secret for a while. Then, Gabi detailed the discovery of the baby. “I discovered the pregnancy on 09/13. On 10/25, it was the day of my pronouncement (which remains), until then, nobody knew about the pregnancy, it was you and me”, said the famous, citing her position when Saulo was accused of assaulting influencer Brenda Monique at a concert by singer Mumuzinho. At the time, Brandt reinforced the end of the marriage, as the two had been separated since January of this year.

The mother of Davi and Henri, from the relationship with the singer, she reported having discovered the “extreme risk” pregnancy a month ago and that is why she has been resting in recent weeks. “I discovered another placental detachment and a hematoma. Currently, the situation remains the same day after day. There are some bleeding, but I’m still resting and moving around only for what is extremely necessary and praying a lot for everything to work out”, commented.

Gabi did not miss the opportunity to pin the people who revealed her pregnancy. “I congratulate those involved for the gift they gave me in such a difficult and delicate moment. You took away my right to expose the pregnancy at the moment I felt ready. You took away my right to tell my family the sex of my son and my friends. For you, my son: I love you, you are a blessing, a strength”, concluded the influencer.

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