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Casagrande criticizes Leifert again and says it’s the last time he talks about it


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Commentator Walter Casagrande Jr., 59, returned to criticize this Thursday (8) Tiago Leifert, 42, in his Uol Esporte column, after the presenter responded on social networks that he does not know him well and refuted the accusations that he misrepresented bosses and did not try to harm him.

This time, Casagrande begins the text by saying that it is the “last time” that he touches on the subject to help Leifert’s memory. He pointed out that in 2009 – when he returned from hospitalization – the two worked together every Friday at Globo Esporte, as required by director Marco Mora.

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To highlight that Leifert doesn’t like him, Casagrande recalled three episodes involving the presenter. According to him, the presenter made it clear that he was not welcome during a party at the Globo studio when Leifert called everyone in front of the cameras but him.

Casagrande also recalled another episode that happened at the 2011 Copa America when he ordered the transmission uniform to be washed and the blue shirt was not ready in time. He ended up wearing a shirt the same color as the vest with a closed collar, which became a joke for the presenter.

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“When I, Galvão and Arnaldo appeared, you laughed at my shirt, saying that I had the V-vest backwards, in a way of ridiculing me in the first block”, said the commentator. He added that in the second block he abandoned him talking to himself in the studio. “And then Galvão helped me.”

He also highlighted that he was ignored by Leifert during a pizza at presenter Faustão’s house. The commentator said that he was at a table with eight people and, when the presenter left, he said goodbye to everyone but him.

Casagrande spoke again in the text in which the presenter went to the direction of GQ magazine –both were columnists– to ask for his head because of his text completely contrary to his which said that football and politics could not mix. He said he understood that Leifert didn’t want to assume what he did. He didn’t like it, he asked the director to have me fired. In the ‘me or him’, it was Tiago who left”, said the commentator.

About Leifert’s return to Globo’s sport, Casagrande replied that the people he treated no longer work at the broadcaster for some time. He ended the text noting that he said that the team could win the World Cup in Qatar even without Neymar. “I don’t want to think you’re being a liar. I’d rather think you have a memory problem,” he said. “I want peace in life”

Casagrande’s confusion with the players of the 2002 Brazilian national team began recently when Vampeta revealed in an interview with Jovem Pan that the group from that World Cup was dissatisfied with Casagrande’s statements about the players

In his UOL Esporte column, published this Wednesday (7), he refuted speeches by Kaká, Marcos and Rivaldo, and even accused presenter Tiago Leifert, 42, of treating superiors at Rede Globo. The journalist hit back at him on social media.

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